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Privacy Politic
1.  Definitions

* It's called "Portal Audio Aikon" whose domain is
* They are classified as "netizens" who somehow has access to the Portal Aikon Audio (, whether customers, suppliers or not.
* They are classified as "customers" all those who use the products and / services offered by the site
* They are classified as "users" all persons entering the site
* Encryption is the name given to the process of encoding information. The information is encrypted (scrambled) at source and decrypted at the target, making it difficult to be decrypted by the Internet traffic.
* Firewall: is the name given to the physical device and / or software of a computer network that aims to apply a security policy to a network of control points in particular. Its function is to regulate the data traffic between different networks and avoid transmission and / or reception of malicious or unauthorized access of a network to another.
1 - Cookies
Cookies are sent by the server training Aikon gives to the user's computer, which helps to identify your IP and the ease and efficiency of navigation, simplifying registered users logon, which helps to ensure the safety and authenticity of access and public internal control and preferences. Accepting cookies can be changed freely in your browser settings. However, where the breach of any safety standard user or perform any activity detrimental to the proper functioning of the site, for example, attempts to hack the service, Aikon for the protection and security of the site and other users can adopt measures to identify the user and stop the illegal conduct.

2 - Data Gathering Traffic
We automatically track and collect the following categories of information when you visit our web site: (1) IP addresses, (2) domain servers, (3) types of computers accessing the website, (4 ) types of web browsers used to access the Web site, (5), reference source that could have sent him to the Website and (6) other information related to the interaction of your browser and the website (hereinafter "traffic data ").
3 - Contacts
If you have comments or questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us via email: